Through acquiring various businesses that, although related, were very different than their core offering, Merrill corporation found themselves with disparate sites that provided no central way of describing their offering.

We aimed to design a fully responsive site that showed the breadth of Merrill's offering, whilst being able to focus users on what Merrill could offer them. 

Planning. Flows. Organizing. Sketching.

The complexity of the products and the intermingling of them needed to be unpacked for us to begin designing. Alongside a branding agency, we helped define how the site should be organized and how each of these sections should be branded. 

We developed personas and customer journeys to help inform how we might begin to organized the information on the page and on the site—so helpful to call back on as we began to design.

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Wireframes. Prototypes. Testing. 

We organized the templates we would need to develop into manageable chunks and formed a good system of layering feedback from our clients into upcoming waves of work and incorporating just the right amount of interaction to help the client understand the intent of the design.

Once we had the skeleton of the templates together, we wanted to put the design in front of users to see if the way we were organizing things made sense. The site caters to various industries who each have their discreet needs, so that part of the project was a big challenge.

Details. Documentation. Development.

We formed a plan as to how we would capture functionality and interactions for the site build pretty early on in the process, working directly with the development team to capture what they needed from us and agreed on how we would capture all that information.