A website redesign program grounded in reusing templates created for one brand and bringing out unique, customer focused experiences for 4 other luxury brands.

In order to design a solution to overcome the challenges that Kohler Interiors Group were experiencing, we began with a robust strategy that sought to define the universal approach we would take, whilst expanding to allow us to create tailored sites for each brand. 

Screenshots. Markers. Planning.

In order to see the full landscape we conducted a very analog workshop, wherein we laid out screenshots of all of the base templates from the Ann Sacks website and mapped the Kohler Interiors Group brands to those templates. Identifying gaps and possible adjustments we could make to fill those gaps. 

Strategy. Tables. Timelines

Once we understood the lay of the land around the needs of each brand, we set to work hand-in-hand with the development team to understand what kind of alterations we could make to templates and the level of effort involved—we got down and dirty with our CMS, Umbraco. With that level of understanding, we were able to craft our strategy and be fully sure of the impact of those recommendations. 

IA. IxD. 

With the strategy complete, we were now able to focus on each brand and the unique challenge each brought to the table. As we progressed through program, working on Baker and Robern, we developed and refined our methods for producing assets. Site maps were detailed and were updated the whole way through the project. Wireframes were annotated throughout and again, updated over the course of the project. It was important for our clients to see functionality captured so they fully understood the impact of design decisions, and of course was hugely helpful as the work went into development.



We asked a lot of questions as we began to define the aesthetic of the new site and created moodboards out of the answers to those questions. We started by pulling abstract shapes and colors that evoked the product we were designing for—in this case, luxury furniture goods. Developing these into UI elements that we could use through the site. Ultimately, pulling these elements into templates that reflected the brands.