I was born and raised in the North-West of England, near Liverpool. Hailing from a family of creative enterpreneurs and Jacks/Jills-of-all-trades, the apple didn't fall far from the tree and I really enjoyed my time at school studying art and design and technology and playing with my Dad's letraset, airbrush or rotring pens. 

However, watching Ally McBeal perpetually during the late 90's, I concluded my destiny was to become a lawyer. So, I went to University to study Law and really tried to surpress the design side of myself for quite a while. I arrived in NY to do a legal internship and ended up enrolling at FIT to study Interior design. Whoops. I loved it. Meanwhile, the recession in 2008 put an end to people hiring interior designers to find them $500 pillows. So, I took some classes in letterpress printing to keep me occupied whilst I was without job and SUPER LOVED that. I ended up working at a design studio in Brooklyn, designing and printing and being exposed to the world of UX and UI design. Decided to say "Bye!" to NY and opted to try out Minneapolis. Arrived just in time for the so-called polar vortex of 2013 and really hit the ground running (and slipping on ice) at the Nerdery where I really got to hone my skills with some amazing people. Got an opportunity to work in San Francisco and jumped right in. Again, working with wonderful people and focussing on my interaction skills. 


I like to spend spare time getting to know the city I now call home; hiking, wandering, eating, running with my terrier mix, Stevie, exploring. During the winter months, I like to take advantage of Lake Tahoe being a relative stones throw away. In the summer, I like to find a place to shuck some oysters with friends and enjoy the stunning California coastline. 

Interested in chatting?

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